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The  BatWinner app development team gathers football fans who are amazing at math. We use our math skills and detailed knowledge of the game to calculate the probability of results. It all started as an inside pet project we did for fun. Now, we’ve got a fully developed prediction algorithm. We are sharing it with other game enthusiasts who'd like a helping hand in their betting adventures. We don’t guarantee a win with every tip. Follow our calculations to never lose more money there is in your betting bank and earn something on top.

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Invite friends to join our user community and get various benefits. We offer anything from attractive T-shirts to charge-free access to the app. Your squad can also create in-app private chats for your sports discussions.
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BatWinner has all the sports info in one place. Log in to access detailed match statistics and live score feed. If you need betting advice, we’ve got you covered with algorithm-based tips and popular tipsters’ forecasts.
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BatWinner system is always at work gathering the freshest sports stats. Our algorithm uses them to calculate and deliver reliable match result estimations. This way we can provide you with the most accurate predictions 24/7.
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